Our exquisite brunch menu blends classic dishes with East London flair. Indulge in traditional favorites like the English Breakfast or explore unique flavors with our Kimchi Pancake.

For health-conscious diners, we offer refreshing Yoghurt & Granola Bowls and a range of Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, and Keto options. Each dish showcases our commitment to quality ingredients and culinary innovation, ensuring a memorable start to your day.


You're Invited to a Delightful Sunday Roast! Join us for a traditional Sunday Roast, lovingly prepared by our skilled chefs, featuring British meats, golden roasted potatoes, vibrant vegetables, crispy Yorkshire pudding, all accompanied by rich, flavourful gravy. On Sundays, let the Burnt Umber Brasserie be your home away from home, where every bite feels like a hug. Reservations highly recommended


Our dinner a la carte menu is a testament to culinary finesse, offering an array of meticulously crafted small dishes that embody the essence of contemporary European cuisine.

Each of our plates reflects our commitment to quality ingredients and innovative culinary techniques. Every dish is paired with selected wine - we promise you a unique dining experience !


At Burnt Umber, we embody the spirit of modern European casual dining through our a la carte menu, a testament to our culinary philosophy. Our approach centers on crafting dishes that intertwine European flavors with a contemporary twist, showcasing our dedication to innovation and quality.

We believe in making exquisite dining accessible. Therefore, our prices are thoughtfully set, ensuring that our guests experience the epitome of sophistication without compromising on approachability.

Join us at Burnt Umber and embrace our philosophy—a celebration of modern European culinary craftsmanship, where each plate tells a story of passion, creativity, and a commitment to delighting discerning palates.

We are always looking for talented people to join our team.

Please email us with your CV to to register your interest
Stefan Barca is an accomplished chef with a distinguished culinary background, having honed his skills under the mentorship of esteemed Michelin-starred chefs such as Heinz Beck, Ann Sophie Pic, and Nils Henkel.

His culinary philosophy revolves around a deep appreciation for fresh, organic ingredients, defining his cooking style as a fusion of contemporary European techniques complemented by subtle Asian influences.

Notably, Stefan demonstrates a profound affinity for citruses, leveraging these vibrant elements as key components in his culinary creations.